Aug 14, 2013

●Kaki-Gori Machine (Ice Shaver)

Everyday hot isnt it?

When it is hot, I like to have some cold things such as iced tea or ice cream.
One of my favorite is Kaki-gori; shaved ice with syrup.

Shaved Ice with Strawberry and Milk

Shaved Ice with Matcha, Red Beans and Milk

My favorite flavor is strawberry milk!
It is tasty- sweet and cold, I can feel cooler even in a hot place.

Japan has some cute self-ice shaving machines :)

 Polar Bear

Hello Kitty- Mermaid :)


Chopper from One Piece!

Mickey Mouse

Pikachu from Pocket Monster



Antique Design

And unique syrups-

Japanese Green Tea Syrup

Ume (Japanese Plum) Syrup

Yuzu Syrup

Mango Syrup

Kuro-Mitsu (Brown Sugar) Syrup

Let's enjoy Summer!!

Jul 3, 2013


Japanese sweets are very cute and high quality, especially Jonama sweets:

They need excellent techniques! They all are amazing, and you may want to bring back to your hometown as Omiyage.

However, they are raw sweets and need to keep warm. They also are short lasting, so are not good for Omiyage.

Now, how about Hi-gashi?

Hi-gashi is dry and keeps relatively longer than other Japanese sweets.
They are made of Japanese traditional sugar and flour, and the designs are all cute!

For autumn

looks like bento (Lunch box)!


I am sure that you will be surprised the real ones, because they are not only cute but also very small!

Jun 29, 2013

●mosquito repellent

Summer is coming in Japan!

During summer, I suffer from "it" every year - Mosquitoes!
I often get the bite and worry about the itch!

So, I need to prepare mosquito repellents, and now there are a lot of cute goods here!

for example-

Pig - it often appears in Manga or anime!

put the mosquito coil in it

Cat - Nambu ironware brand

this cat will catch not only mice but also mosquitoes !

Hanging type - Rilakkuma!!

Hanging Type - snoopy

Bracelet Type - for kids and babies too!

I hope they protect me from mosquitoes and no bites this summer!

Im Back!

Hi everyone,

Long time no see!
I need to tell you all, I am now in Japan!
Last month I came back to Japan, and started new life here.
We, I and my daring, were discussing about it for months and we decided to move to Japan ;)

We needed to do a lot of things so I had no time to write articles, but now I start blogging here again!

As Im in Japan, I hope I can help you something to get. Feel free to contact me via comment or Contact Me form.

Now i am thinking of posting more kinds of Japanese products like Otaku things (Figure, Artbook etc)

Hope you like them.


PS; My friends Shop- Yoroshiku!