About Me

Hi, everyone! I'm Kayo Lim, a Japanese girl.
I was born near Tokyo, Japan and grew up there.
I graduated university in Tokyo, (Not Tokyo University lol) and worked a few years in Tokyo as a teacher :)

I got married a Singaporean guy last year and moved to Singapore.
(Do you think my parents objected to our marrige? - YES OF COURSE!!
But they understood and allowed us after all. thank you and I love you daddy and mummy!)
Now I'm out of Japan, but love my coutry and want everyone to know about Japan more! Japan is really unique country, you should visit once! There are a lot of spots to visit, and a lot of interesting things.
If you have chance to visit Japan, get some Omiyage(Souvenirs) for your friends, family, and co-worker etc. I will introduce my recommended Omiyage on this blog, and I'm glad if you like them :)

Comments, +1, resharing are always welcomed.

I'm not good at English anyway, so please turn a blind eye to my mistakes! Thank you :)

If you contact me individually, click here to visit my question form.

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